Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sketchbook Challenge

There was a time in my life when I wouldn't have been anymore than a few feet away from my sketchbook, where I would loose myself in samples of dyed and stitched fabrics, thread, papers and found objects where time would be spent cutting and manipulating samples and gluing them randomly into the pages of my little A6 sketchbook and jotting down ideas and notes of things I needed to try out and doodling in the pages in between. I don't know when I stopped doing this, or got out of the habit but I want need to get back to that, it was the best source and development of all my work
I have read various posts recently about keeping and using a sketchbook the 3 that most come to mind are Karen, Connie and Alisa and each has got me thinking about how much I'm missing my sketchbooks, more so, how little I'm turning to them to explore and experiment, yes I always use them for drawing out a design, or planning a project but for simply having a doodle or splash around with the paints for no reason in mind..... it's been a long time......

So I have decided to take part in the Sketchbook Challenge to get my little books going again just for the fun of it. January's subject is 'Doodles'

Charlotte had me up before 7am and I was reading about it all, still in my PJ's but keen to get started, I grabbed the nearest sketchbook which was in the house and not in the studio at the end of the garden my A5 size TATE  and my favourite fine point pen and had a little play these are my sort of doodles ......

then Leslie's post later inspired me to have a little collage fun in my studio in the evening
not sure about this one but I enjoyed the process and
it was nice to get my paints out again

I'm looking forward to next months Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by
Yvonne x


Connie said...

I'd love to browse those sketchbooks!
How did you manage three doodles so quickly - each is a delight! Connie.

Boxoftrix said...

Thank you Connie I guess I was just keen to get stuck in again and have had my sketchbook on the coffee table all weekend doodling at every spare minute.
perhaps I should do a little movie of my sketchbooks of old.
Yvonne x

Joy said...

You are quite the imaginative artist! Fun doodles!


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