Saturday, 8 October 2011

Baby Bunting for 3

More Baby Bunting






3 more new babies
each one different and unique :)

Baby Bunting can now be ordered from my Etsy shop here : Boxoftrix

We have been having lots of rain :(
so earlier this week Charlotte and I made pancakes

Here she is watching out for the bubbles.......

....... and today fairy cakes

but she prefers to eat chocolate toast with a little ketchup on the side.....

Blogger is at it again! for some reason I am unable to leave comments on some of the blogs I have visited tonight, its very annoying. I type in a comment, click the send and it deletes the comment!


Christine L said...

Hi hon... oh that baking brings back memories with my two when they were young.... such fantastic times.. ENJOY!
Love your baby bunting... that'll go well! I still haven't done my inchies... somehow something always gets in the way!
And the commenting problem... I'm having exactly the same problem... sometimes they appear eventually, but sometimes they don't. VERY frustrating!
Christine x

frayedattheedge said...

The bunting is gorgeous ...... as is Charlotte and her very serious face as she watches the pancakes. The problems with commenting seems finally to be fixed - hooray!

Su said...

Lovely bunting. Not sure I fancy chocolate toast with ketchup, but I guess if you're little it tastes great!

Joy said...

The baby bunting is a cute idea... Charlotte is a cutie. Funny about her watching for bubbles... I was just visiting my daugher (who has never learned to cook--age 33, nor wants to) and she was trying to make pancakes. She was scooping up the batter before it even 'set up' and had nothing more than globs of wet dough. I had to show her how to cook a pancake! "Wait for the bubbles, and then turn it!" The fairy cakes are fairy, fairy, pretty!


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