Saturday, 12 October 2013

A garden for 'Blue Lace Cottage'

My little 'Blue Lace cottage' has been away for a week on exhibit with all the other little houses made by the ladies of Fife branch of the Embroiders Guild.
before it went I completed the base
I had no real idea of how I wanted the finished piece to look so I just had fun,
  cut out fabric added and stitched some by hand
some machined as I went along.
Then I got out the fabric paints and just explored
old lace, new life....
little garden.

 the other 'houses' made by the member of Fife branch, I have kept this image large so you can click and zoom in for a closer look.


Su said...

Wow - don't they all look amazing together. I love the little bits of old and coloured lace you've used, it's beautiful.

Corina said...

great to see so many pretty houses!

Louise S said...

Such beautiful little houses!

TwinkleToes2day said...

(i'm late to the party as usual)
Wow, what a FABulous exhibit Yvonne. I bet everyone that saw them was mesmerised at all the beatiful needlework that went into them and the details added. I think yours is by far the prettiest though, with so much mre to look at. Was that the only exhibit, or was it a large gathering? Have a wonderful weekend ;) xx


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