Sunday, 22 July 2012

Little trip to Oban

Looks like we are in for some nicer weather this week, hopefully it will be more like the lovely sunny kind we had in Oban last week.
We got a great spot at our favourite campsite Roseview

it wasn't long before the sun came out

and we were making the most of it!

situated just across from the park

handy for keeping an eye on C

while enjoying a glass of wine after dinner
a couple of times we cycled the two miles into town
 watched the boats in the harbour
and took a walk round to the ferry port
 to see the cars going onto the big boats
as well as some other means of transport.
We also took a walk 

 to the nearby Puffin Divers centre 

walked along the waters edge
collected some scallop shells for the garden

and admired this big old boat which sits just outside a little visitors centre

inside was a wall of cabinets displaying sea treasure found by divers

mainly from the SS Breda
which had some cargo on board when it went down.

Three rolls of wrappers the one on top says Kenya toffee

gas mask ~ eerie!

the little red boxes are Coty Rouge

love these sweet little flowers growing along the walls I snapped on the walk back home


marigold jam said...

Looks like a lovely break - glad the weather was dry for you all.

Su said...

What a lovely holiday. the weather has been nice here this weekend too, much to my relief! Long may the sunshine continue :-)

Tina Gilmore said...

I love Oban been there a few times when my little girl was same age as yours (she's 20 now) - seems so long ago. We used to travel on to the islands to visit family. Lovely reminder thank you xx

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a gorgeous place Oban is. I too went often as a girl and have thought about going back since but it's quite a drive from here.
Looks like you all had a lovely time Yvonne. That visitor centre has some very interesting stuff in it. I noticed the second roll of wrapping says Jubilee Toffee, so I'm guessing, with the Kenya Toffee one and whatever the third one was, they were headed for a sweet factory. It's quite eerie seeing things from bygone days that have been salvaged from the depths. Different (to me) than an old attic or a field...
Mo x


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