Thursday, 1 August 2019

Spring Sampler

Finally complete!

Spring Sampler
A lovely design by Lorna Bateman

I have so enjoyed working on this piece 

I have chosen some different threads and ribbon colours for this piece and some of the stump work details, such as the watering can, and I added cuffs to the leather gloves. 

I have mixed feelings now that have no more little bits to do on it 

Delighted its complete sad it's all done. 
Lorna now sells this as a kit.
Working on something new....and a bit different for me, pictures to follow soon :)

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Cherry Garland

I wrote this little Cherry Garland pattern back in 2014. 

I put it up as a PDF download in my Etsy shop but just realised that I didn't put it here on my little blog, tut tut such neglect! 
I'm rather proud of it and have sold it as a kit at craft fairs and markets.
I have decided that it really should be up on Ravelry as it is such a fun little garland and very quick to work. I wrote it simply because I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to do at the time but couldn't  find a pattern when I did a search I worked it out for myself and wrote it down. I guess that's how most patterns come about

so its available again here in my Etsy shop and I'm adding it also to Ravelry


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