Monday, 20 August 2012

Late Tag Tuesday & Bumpy Car

Cinema Celebration

This little stamp from my collection inspired my tag for this week. Issued April 1996 in celebration of 100yrs of going to the movies
I found that the neon pink and green lighting  on the cinema outline was good colour match for this tag cut from an old birthday card featuring a cocktail glass.
 I just added a little bit of bling and sparkle! and a black & white ribbon tie 
I'll be playing catch up on my blog with the tags I missed as I didn't want to spoil the run of the themeson Tag Tuesday
I hope to keep up to date in future challenges, more tags to follow shortly!

Bumpy Car!

I had a nasty bump with my car,

(you may have noticed this in the picture taken at the camp-site last week ) I reversed into a poor unsuspecting parked Coupe in the layby next to our house and had to leave a note and wait 3 hrs for the owner to come knocking on the door.
Fortunatley for me he was a nice young man who was surprised we had left the note and thanked us about 4 times. Both cars are now being repaired.
I am now driving about in something resembling a craft punch!
I'm not complaining, it has 4 doors and gets me from A-B. 
Charlotte has called it Bumpy Car.

1 comment:

marigold jam said...

I am just about to take one of those Bumpy cars back to the Enterprise as I've need it over the weekend as ours is not at all well! I don't think I'd buy one and the boot space is laughable but it got me from A to B. Hope the repairs go well and the insurance companies deal with it all proficiently.


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