Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My first quilt ~ makover

This is my first quilt.
I am only now getting around to photographing it.
(digital makes things like this so much easier now)

It was completed in 1996

(my initials back then)
 Although I had already started 2 other hand pieced quilts
 ( blogged  here)  but these were both far away from being finished quilts.
This quilt was a college project and was inspired by a sample book from the Fabric Guild, picked up for a couple of pounds from a fabric and curtain store near the college I attended in Hawick .
The sample fabric pieces were large squares each of which I cut into four smaller squares and used in the quilt around the edge, in total there are 14 of these large blocks of 4.

The six centre blocks are my own fabric designs inspired by the sample book.
I used batik method and watercolour dyes to paint each flower panel.
The whole quilt measures 67 x 81 inches.
Big enough to top a double size bed.

I used a simple tied method for a quick quilt using my own handmade buttons, always meaning at some point to quilt it, but that would have to be by hand
as its too big and heavy to attempt  with my machine.
It has seen a lot of occasional use and is in need of some repair

and a good clean.
The problem is its too big and heavy for my own washing machine.
There is quite a heavy blanket inside, great for warmth but not for keeping clean.
I have almost taken it to the cleaners a few times, but not keen to do this for a few reasons.
I decided to start on the repair work yesterday.
I'm now having ideas of changing the size of the quilt to make it slightly smaller,
 removing a line of blocks, perhaps adding them to the back of the quilt,
which at the moment is plain old green sheet.
I'm thinking something this size might be better.
This is just folded over to give an idea of how it would look, showing just one line of squares surrounding the centre blocks.
This would reduce it to a more manageable 45 x 60 inches, perhaps I could add a 4 inch border
the removed patches could go on the back around the edge or in the middle.
I'm also thinking I might replace the blanket for a fleece one to make it lighter and machine washable.
I might also try quilting it.

 I made a start by removing the buttons and the green backing.

 bit of a messy job !
 I just love all the colours in the fabrics

Now that have these strips of squares all washed and ironed,
I'm thinking I might cut them into smaller pieces and make a more interesting back to the quilt.
I still have some of the plain coloured pieces of fabric that came out of the sample book, I will have to have a look them out, I might be able to combine them in some way.

I'll have to think about it a bit more,
any suggestions /pattern ideas are most welcome.


karen said...

this is so gorgeous....I don't want you to make it smaller but I am too late...would it not have gone in one of those extra large machines they have at the launderette these days...the fabric is stunning and even more special because you created it yourself....

frayedattheedge said...

I just love your own fabrics - they are stunning! Was it the college in Commercial Road that you went to? If so, do you know that it has been demolished and replaced by Sainsbury's. There is a new college campus on the A7, at the west end of town.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments, about my fabric contribution to the quilt, I loveed the sample book as soon as I saw it and had to get it, it was a big inspiration for the pieces in the middle.

Karen, sorry :( I know I did have reservations about altering it but I cant help but feel it would be more usable and easier to keep clean, which is the big problem.

Ann, yes it was Henderson College, I didnt know they knocked it down, I really enjoyed the time I spent there and learned a lot.


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