Friday, 20 January 2012

Three Old Singers

On my quest for a neater tidier and more practical studio space I cleared out a couple of cupboards and decided that I should make way for my collection of old treasured sewing machines two of which have been up in the attic for 14 years.
It all started when I read Louise's Christmas day post about her Singer sewing machine problem and how she had contacted Dan for some advice and he had promptly replied and help her fix it, so that she could finish her quilt, and all on Christmas Day..... What a kind soul indeed :)
It prompted me to get mine down from the attic when packing away the decorations for yet another year.
I spent a fascinating three days cleaning oiling and researching each one from the original Singer records now available on line here if you have an old singer you want to find out more about.

No1 1958 Singer 99K Hand Crank built in Scotland

features 'Eye' decals

 ( K stands for Kilbowie / Clydebank)

I bought this machine in the late 90s from an auction house in the Borders it cost me £5. I thought it would be a nice machine for my April when she was a bit older, I think she was about 4 at the time and it was in immaculate condition you could even say unused. When I got it home I couldn't get it to stitch the needle would go down and up but the spool thread wasn't catching. I put it in somewhere to find the cause and paid £15 to have it repaired and serviced it had a bent needle bar. It now sews perfectly. Unfortunately April doesn't share the same passion as her mother for sewing machines, or even sewing for that matter so it's still in my collection. It had suffered a bit from its time in the loft I don't have a cover for it, it only had a thin plastic dust cover when I bought it, not sure where it went. It had started to show signs of rust setting in on the footplate and other chrome parts but after a good clean and polish it came up fine, now its safely stored in my studio where it will get used.
No2 1945 Singer 99k-13 knee control motorised

I like this one because it is operated by a knee leaver

which is stored in the lid of the Bentwood cover

Beautiful floral endplate

I bought this one the same day as the hand crank one in the same place, in fact I actually bought 3 the other one was similar to this but with a square box lid but I gave this to my niece Bianca at the time for her birthday. Unfortunately it was badly damaged in storage and was discarded about 4 yrs ago. I paid out a total of £15 for the 3 of them.
 When I arrived home with them I'm sure everyone thought I was a bit mad as I had already been given an old treadle singer from a church house clear out which I was using as a dressing table.
Sadly I don't have a picture of that one and gave it away when I moved from to Fife

However this was not my total collection as my oldest most favourite and treasured Singer was bought from a second hand furniture place in Kelso in 1985 for, again the sum of £5. I still remember the day, we spent £28 and got a Creeda tumble dryer the sewing machine and an old oak framed mirror. I was still using the tumble dryer up until 2005! they build them to last just like the Singers :)
and I still have the oak frame which I paint stripped.....Oh those were the days lol!
here I am ranting about my quality thrift buys from the 80s and
 I'm supposed to be showing you my little treasure .....

No3 Singer 28k 1917

Vibrating shuttle

or Rocket spool as I call it.

beautiful grapevine embossing on the endplate
 'Victorian' decals,
 a name given by enthusiasts to differentiate between them all as Singer did not give any of the decals names.

 sews in a slightly diagonal line and was the only sewing machine I used on a regular basis for all my quilting and craft projects,  preferring the hand crank for its control and the beautiful stitching, up until 2001 when I was told by my city and guilds embroidery teacher that things might move along faster if I had an electric sewing machine with stitch width changer and a drop facility on the feed dogs :)

Hope you have enjoyed my little show and tell if you like these little old things then you might like to pop over to Dans blog where he has just restored an old Singer 66 which is the larger/ full size version of the 99 and what a stunning job he has made of it.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Louise said...

Your machines are fabulous. Isn't Dan wonderful? He has been so helpful getting two of my machines up and running. I've just spent the evening furiously cleaning my latest find, a 1919 Singer 66 with beautiful 'redeye' decals. It's in a sad state, but I think I can bring her back to life. I love your 28k, I spied a beautiful one similar to yours at a flea market a few weeks back, but had to pass it up as they wanted $130 for it and they didnt even know what they had or if it worked! It was a bit more than I would pay. Thank you so much for sharing your collection.

David Kane said...

Reminds me of the one you used to have, it went into a table and folded away all neat, whatever happened to that?

Boxoftrix said...

Hi Louise, glad you enjoyed the pics, how exciting for you to have a 66 I like those red eye decals :)

David, that was the treddle that I used as a dressing table, we had to leave it behind when we left Grahamslaw.

Connie said...

Great machines! I first used my mother's treadle Singer when I was in my early teens - then we had it motorised - then dad bought me a model that folded into a table - sadly now I only have the table!
I've had two other machines since but they were not as treasured as the Singers!

Boxoftrix said...

Thats lovely that you still have the table Connie do you have a sewing machine in it I wonder ?

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

I love this beautiful decorative machine, so lovely just to look at!
Good luck with your felting, I find it addictive as I do stitching! M x

thingsforboys said...

Beautiful collection! I've recently gotten my first old Singer and I'm in love...don't think it will be long until I have another.


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