Monday, 9 January 2012

Studio re-shuffle

A shiney new year and after a bit of a wander around those wonderful ideas on Pinterest
I decided to give my studio a bit of a re-shuffle, I wanted to do a 3 way swap

With  my cutting/work table,

 my sewing machine table

 and the worktop along the back wall. 

I felt that as I spend most of the time at the cutting / work table it would be best situated in the middle of the room where the sewing machine table was and that the worktop would serve just as well at the door where the table was under the fabric, button and bead stash. This would leave the back wall free for the sewing machine table.
 I got a bit of time in the evening a couple of days ago to get in there and do the swap around.
Two hours later I had managed to re-shuffle it all and then realise that it was all terribly wrong!
It was midnight, I was exhausted and I could see so many things that were 'not' going to work in my favour, so I put out the lights and closed the door on it.
I mulled the whole thing over in my head for about an hour and I realised that with the sewing machine desk in the centre of the room I could see the garden and it has always been very comfortable there, keeping an eye on Charlotte playing and helping daddy in the garden. Changing this would mean having my back to the view the windows were actually placed to accomdate the sewing table position and moving it would cause more negatives than pluses.
So I came to the conclusion that  it wasn't a re-shuffle that was needed but a clearout. 
 Yesterday I put it all back and decided to loose some more things and add some things,

 Im still working on it but its getting there, and Im looking forward to a new look and more storage in my studio.....more pictures soon!
Thanks for stopping by I wish you all a happy, peaceful and creative 2012


Christine L said...

Wow now that's what I CALL a studio! Love it!

Can I ask where you got your white wall shelves? I'm looking for similar!
Christine x

frayedattheedge said...

Hi Yvonne, you are nowback in the list of my favourites - I've just got a new laptop and things have been a bit muddled! I didn't do the whole gettinng in touch with yur partner thing for the swap, as I just thought the postcard should show off the makers' talents, rather than trying to create something specific to the receivers!
I have had several clear outs in my studio, but it doesn't seem to get any better - I still have piles on the floor!

Boxoftrix said...

Hi Anne and Christine thanks for stopping by.

Looking forward to making my postcard for the swap Anne Im delighted to be taking part, havent did one for a while.
Christine, if you mean the shelves that hold my fat quarters and small fabric pieces on those have been hanging around for a while, they are video/dvd shelves hung horizontally, they were wood effect but I painted them with a few coats of white paint. The middle smaller shelf with the button jars is a spice rack I picked up for £1 in the charity shop and gave it the same treatment.


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